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  • The world’s largest food companies are funding bee habitats

    This is a good read on the importance of pollinators and how conventional ag is contributing to their demise. We applaud General Mills, Haagen-Dazs and the others mentioned in this article for supporting polyculture, and we are grateful to the NRCS for the support we received through their Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) to plant […]
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  • The Vegetable Technology Gap

    Did you know that just 3 % of U.S. cropland is dedicated to growing fruit and vegetable crops? These “specialty crops,” the focus of our organic efforts, are just a sliver of the country’s production yet they generate a quarter of U.S. crop value. However, from 2008-2012, fruits and vegetables received less than half of 1% […]
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  • In America’s Heartland, Discussing Climate Change Without Saying ‘Climate Change’

    Important read on climate concerns that farmers in the Midwest share with their coastal counterparts – and how our use of language may hide our commonalities and thwart our ability to fight this problem together. Read the article here.
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  • Wonder Beneath Our Feet

    We recommend this highly informative article by Oregon Tilth on the importance of healthy soils to our existence (yes, existence!).
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  • Modern ag cultivates climate change – we must nurture biodiversity

    “The reason the productivity of industrial agriculture is now under threat is because it has been systematically degrading the human and natural capital on which it relies… What matters most is resilience. And resilience cannot be delivered without rethinking the fundamental principles of our food and farming systems.” Read more from The Guardian here.
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