How to Turn Farmland into a Cash Flowing Investment: Craig Wichner Explains on REady2Scale Podcast

Craig Wichner, Founder of Farmland LP, joined real estate investor Ellie Perlman of Blue Lake Capital on her REady2Scale podcast, where the two walked through the benefits of investing in farmland, the process of evaluating potential land, and how the exit strategy looks for this unique real estate investment.

REady2Scale highlights the assets, processes, and strategies used by some of the most successful investors across the globe. The key takeaway from Wichner’s episode is that the underutilized opportunity in farmland can bring serious success as part of a diversified investment portfolio.

“From a fundamental perspective, the first thing is that farmland grows food,” Wichner said. “Even if there is an economic downtrend, people don’t just stop eating. So, you basically, truly, have 100% occupancy on farmland. And the interesting thing here is that there are 2.7 trillion dollars of farmland in the U.S.”

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