Farmland LP seeks to generate competitive financial returns while providing positive environmental and social impact. We focus on buying farmland in the U.S. in regions that are proximate to markets with strong demand for locally grown, organic food; have a strong, existing farming community; and favorable climate projections.

Building upon positive fundamentals in the farmland and organic food markets, our investment strategy is comprised of three components:

  • Acquire undervalued farmland: we perform rigorous due diligence on the land’s productive capacity and opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Add value to farmland: following sustainable management best practices, we (1) secure organic certification, (2) invest in infrastructure, and (3) increase crop diversity.
  • Actively manage farmland: we actively manage our properties to increase revenue and reduce risk over the life of the investment.

We execute this strategy using sustainable farming practices that have been used for millennia in combination with the most advanced technology. Our management increases the profitability of the land through stepped up appreciation and premium cash flows, while creating meaningful environmental and social benefits.

Farmland LP currently manages over 12,500 acres of farmland in Northern California and Oregon.

Pictured above: Massey Wells Farm by drone.