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    Farmland LP is committed to accelerating the conversion to sustainable agriculture. We will share our frequent writings and presentations here.

  • Recommended Resources

    Sustainable agriculture has a long history of strong science and excellent results. Excellent research has been done over
    the past few years — here are a few of our favorite resources for staying current:

    Oregon Tilth
    Since 1974, this research, education and certification nonprofit promotes sustainable growing practices which enhance soil health, conserve natural resources and produce a clean and healthy food supply.

    ATTRA is the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, providing sustainable agriculture and organic farming news, publications, and events.

    Rodale Institute
    Founded in 1947, this nonprofit is home to the longest-running U.S. study comparing organic and conventional farming techniques

    Capital Press
    In a traditional newspaper format, Capital Press keeps tabs on all aspects of the news about agriculture and the food system, with a focus on western states.

    Energy Bulletin
    Energy Bulletin is both a news aggregator and an on-line publisher of original articles about energy, the environment, and society.

    This university and federal lab research consortium focuses on soil carbon stocks, and methods to improve and measure them.

    SARE is a USDA program that funds innovative projects for sustainable agriculture and educates regarding outcomes and best practices.

    The Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at the University of Wisconsin has extensive resources from decades of research.

    The Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources at Washing ton State University studies biologically intensive production systems, climate-friendly farming methods and more.

    The Land Institute
    Sustainable agriculture has a lot of followers now, but The Land Institute in Salina Kansas is a true leader. Best known for their development of perennial polyculture grains and other seed crops, they also have produced great reports about energy use and other inputs on farms.

    Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
    Based at Iowa State University, the Leopold Center is one of a handful of U.S. land grant universities with strong sustainable agriculture research programs. What is the scientific evidence that organic methods outperform conventional ones? See for yourself by visiting their website.

    The Organic Center
    An excellent place to keep up with news and occasionally read in-depth reports on the science of organic farming is The Organic Center. Has an emphasis on nutritional and pesticide residue benefits of organics, but also broadly covers events impacting the organic food industry.

    Investors Circle
    Farmland LP presented at the Fall 2010 Investor’s Circle conference. Learn more about this network with the great tagline, “Patient Capital for a Sustainable Future.”

    New corporations are emerging with purpose beyond profit. Farmland LP is part of this trend and is certified as a triple bottom line company. In fact, our initial B-Corp review gave us the highest GIIRS score (Global Impact Investment Rating System) ever received. You can see which other companies are aligned with social and environmental goals at the B-Corp web site.

    Mission Markets
    If you have money to invest and want to make sure it supports your social and environmental values then Mission Markets is a great place to go. Find out more by visiting their web site, including their sustainable agriculture offerings.

    Slow Money
    Dedicated to building the “nurture capital industry,” Slow Money is also focused on investing in food enterprises and local food systems. Both Jason Bradford and Craig Wichner are Founding Members of Slow Money. You can sign onto the Slow Money Principles and learn more at their web site.

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