Farmland LP Acquires Additional Property

We have an official press release, but I’ll make the blog post less formal.

I am very pleased to announce that Farmland LP just closed on another property, 100 acres in size, in the Willamette Valley.

The parcel is about one mile long and in this eastward looking image you can see how it slopes down to the Marys River.  On clear days high volcanic peaks of the Cascades are visible.

The newly purchased parcel consists of high-quality soils with irrigation rights.  This is ideal for our management plan of rotating between pasture, seed crops, and vegetable farming.  After allowing the existing conventional seed crop to be harvested this summer, we will begin transitioning the new farmland to organic and sowing pasture in the fall.

The upper portion of the farm is gently sloping with class 1 Willamette soils.  The crop shown here is soft white wheat.

This property is near our existing farm, which makes it easier for us to manage the movement of equipment, animals and people, as may be necessary between parcels.

A mature and largely intact riparian forest is a fantastic feature.  Seen here are Delphiniums at the edge of a field and beneath Big Leaf Maples.

We are thrilled by this new property and the opportunities it provides to increase the supply of healthy, organic food in the area.    I expect to be writing more posts like this in the near future.