Craig Wichner, Meb Faber Discuss Sustainable Farmland as an Investment Class

Farmland LP Founder and Managing Partner Craig Wichner recently joined investment expert Meb Faber of Cambria Investment Management on The Meb Faber Show podcast for an impactful discussion on the benefits of sustainable farmland as an asset class.

Craig provided his insight on identifying farms suitable for regenerative agriculture, converting conventional farmland to organic, managing farmland similarly to commercial real estate, generating strong returns while having a beneficial impact on the environment and more, with glimpses into his personal journey from biotech to farm investing along the way. Watch:

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After the show, Wichner said:

“I really enjoyed the conversation with Meb Faber. I’ve read his perspectives since he co-founded AlphaClone around the same time I started Farmland LP. Meb is a rare talent that is able to bring together a deep and data-driven understanding of the financial system, with a grounded (un-)common sense approach to investing, combined with an ability to write and communicate like few writers can, let alone quants. He is a Warren Buffett for our generation.”

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