Why Pasture

I recently had the honor and pleasure of spending a weekend at a retreat that involved many great people, including Wes Jackson of The Land Institute.  One of the highlights for me was when Wes displayed …

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Nitrogen for Free

As a kid I remember being impressed by a story of several people adrift in a lifeboat in the open ocean.  After a few days all their fresh water ran out and, in what is surely …

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Value-Added Management

Something I really enjoy doing is describing how and why agroecological farmland management adds value. Farmland LP sets land-use rotation standards.  This benefits specialty producers by creating synergies with other farmers to lower disease risks …

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Watch that Threshold

As a Managing Director in a farmland investment fund I want to make sure that our assets are going to maintain their value long into the future.  Farmland LP is unique in that we consider …

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How Safe is that Chicken?

http://www.consumerreports.org/health/healthy-living/health-safety/chicken-safety/overview/chicken-safety-ov.htm You would think that after years of alarms about food safety—outbreaks of illness followed by renewed efforts at cleanup—a staple like chicken would be a lot safer to eat. But in our latest analysis …

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