Geese are back

Today was a fine first fall morning.  As I stood around talking to John Neumeister and Mac Stewart about sheep forage and breeding plans, the early fog cleared and the sky became wonderfully blue…and noisy.

The geese are back.

I don’t know which goose species is pictured above as I am no ornithology expert and the Willamette Valley hosts four species and nine total subspecies each winter.  If we add ducks and swans to the bird list that later number goes up to 28 according to surveys from local wildlife refuges.

Area farmers have mixed feelings about these feathered friends.  Large flocks damage grass seed fields, but many farmers also install ponds to encourage water fowl to land on their property.  They may receive income from hunting clubs, or just appreciate having wildlife around.

This is the official end of summer but we continue to have summer-like weather. I hope it lasts a while longer as the wet, cold spring delayed that summer feeling.  But I can’t control the weather so will accept whatever comes and adapt as needed.