Join Farmland LP at the Slow Money National Gathering

Got Slow Money?Farmland LP is very pleased to announce that we are a finalist for presenting at the 2011 Slow Money National Gathering’s Entrepenuer’s Showcase.  In addition, Farmland LP’s co-founder Craig Wichner will be on two panel discussions:  New Slow Money Funds; and Preserving Farmland.

The Slow Money organization seeks to rebuild our economy and culture toward true sustainability, starting with food: to invest as if food, farms and fertility mattered. By helping investors meet sustainable food pioneers, integrating thought leadership with entrepreneurship, and fostering shared learning across a full spectrum of backgrounds, the National Gathering is an opportunity to direct financial resources where they will “do well by doing good.”

Slow Money asks some key questions that are right at the heart of Farmland LP’s mission:

  • What would the world be like if we invested 50% of our money within 50 miles of where we live?
  • What if there were a new generation of companies that generated profits while enhancing sustainability?
  • What if there were 50% more organic matter in our soil 50 years from now?

Farmland LP meets these questions head-on, by acquiring conventional farmland and converting it to certified organic farmland using sustainable agriculture best-practices. Instead of depleting the soil with each harvest, we rebuild it. Instead of monocropping and using farming practices that aren’t appropriate to the land, we diversify our produce and custom-tailor it to each plot of land. Instead of shipping our produce and pastured meats to the other side of the country, we rebuild regional food supply. The end result is that consumers can enjoy premium quality, organic, sustainably produced food that is healthy for them, and restorative for the environment. At the same time, our investors enjoy the security of owning low-risk farmland as a “stable store of value” while benefiting from increased cash flow and long-term appreciation of their assets.

We cordially and enthusiastically invite our current and future investors to join us at the National Gathering in San Francisco for three days of engaging, learning and sharing with up to one thousand other hopeful, constructive and fun folks. Featuring keynote addresses by sustainability luminaries like David Suzuki, Vandana Shiva and Wes Jackson; presentations by over 100 thought leaders; in-depth discussion sessions about sustainable farming and investing; film screenings; opportunities to network with like-minded people; and the best of the Bay Area’s local organic food and music, it’s sure to be a memorable, stimulating, inspiring, and altogether tasty experience!

Check out the program, explore the speakers, and then mark your calendars for October 12-14, 2011. You can register for the conference here with a 10% discount, courtesy of Farmland LP!

We look forward to seeing you there!