August Update

A lot is happening right now.  Not only is this prime harvest season, but much infrastructure work gets done in mid-summer.  And there is planning for the field work in late summer and fall.

This spring a reporter from the magazine Portland Monthly visited me, and this month subscribers can find the article titled “Seed Money” on page 34.  For the rest of us it is available on-line too.  Again, it is very nice to have coverage from the regional press about our work connecting the farmland of an area to the population of eaters.

One of our properties is going have the wheat harvested very soon, so this may be the last chance to take a look at the 2011 crop in the field.  I love the golden-blond color of ripe wheat, the rustling sound it makes in the breeze, and the way the light gleams and refracts off the spiky awns.