Farmland LP named “Best for the World” by B Corp

Only Farmland Firm to Receive this Award

SAN FRANCISCO — Farmland LP, the only U.S. investment fund for Organic, sustainable farmland, is pleased to report that B Corp has honored Farmland LP with their “Best For The World” award.

Of the 737 certified B Corps in 26 countries, Farmland LP is one of 67 honored today, with one of the highest “B scores” given of 151 out of 200.  B Corps are companies that agree to B Corps principles and meet B Lab’s standards in the areas of Governance, Workers, Community and Environment.

In an article released today by Bloomberg Business Week, B Corp co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert addressed the question of what it takes to be part of this elite list:

In order to be that high a performer, you’re going to have to be operating well on all cylinders. They’re typically not only excelling in one area, just employee practices or environmental practices. They’re bringing that same intention to create shared value for all of their stakeholders.

“This award reflects our personal passions for making the world a better place, while delivering solid financial returns for our investors,” said Craig Wichner, co-founder and Managing Partner of Farmland LP. “We, like other B Corps, believe that investors shouldn’t have to choose between their financial future or creating a world we’re proud to leave to our children.”

About Farmland LP

Farmland LP acquires conventional farmland and converts it to Organic, sustainable farmland, in a structure similar to a private farmland REIT. Farmland LP’s investors benefit from owning farmland – an appreciating, inflation-hedging asset. Farmland LP adds value to farmland by converting it to certified Organic, thus increasing the cash flow by capturing the 50% to 200% price premiums for Organic. In addition, the sustainable agriculture best practices employed improve soil productivity and reduce input costs, and thus increase profitability for farmers and our investors.  Farmland LP owns 6,300 acres of farmland (about 10 square miles), with 673 acres already certified Organic.