Spring 2013

Here are some images from the past month on our farmland.

California, Brentwood Creek Farm


Representatives from BN Ranch, Swanson’s Lamb, Vitality Farms, PGG Seeds and Farmland LP talk about pasture and grazing.  The field we are standing on was sown last fall and has been grazed once so far this season.


Heavy feeder lambs owned by Superior Farms being finished on new pastures. 


Alfalfa ready for cutting to make hay.  The field has been managed organically for two years now and is in its seventh season.


John Snider of PGG Seeds pulls up some forage and expresses his approval to Beth and Pete Swanson.

California, Burns Farm


First alfalfa harvest of the season in progress.

Oregon, Fern Rd Farm


Organic dairy heifers from an Organic Valley member are gentle and curious.  They weigh about 600 lbs upon arrival and will gain enough to be bred later in the year. 

Oregon, A2R Farm


Pastured laying hens outside their new, custom built house enjoy fresh grass and afternoon sunshine.


A lily beneath oak trees along the banks of Muddy Creek.

Oregon, Wattenpaugh Farm


Newborn twins finding their mother’s milk.