Roots & Returns: Craig Wichner Explains Regenerative Agriculture in GreenMoney

Farmland LP Founder Craig Wichner shares the story, purpose and impact of Farmland LP’s regenerative agriculture investing model in a guest post featured in the GreenMoney Journal, a leading sustainable business and impact investing publication.

“We saw how we could combine regenerative agriculture with savvy real estate management practices commonly found in the property sector,” Wichner writes. “And today we’re the largest organic farmland manager in the country, with the highest sustainability rating among all global firms in HIP Investor’s worldwide universe of 10,000 corporations.”

Wichner walks readers through regenerative farming, with examples and pictures from Farmland LP success stories. “Our mission at Farmland LP is to demonstrate that regenerative agriculture is more profitable than commodity agriculture and maximizes returns for investors,” he says. “In doing so, we propel the regenerative movement forward, attracting more and larger investors – especially institutional investors – and the impact widens.”

Read the full article in GreenMoney’s June 2021 issue on sustainable agriculture.

Graphic with background picture of cows grazing in a pasture and a quote by Farmland LP's Craig Wichner on the left hand side.