Coverage of Slow Money Showcase

Farmland LP was a presenter at the recent Slow Money regional showcase in San Francisco.

SF Weekly covered the conference, and below is the paragraph about Farmland LP.

Farmland LP applies investors’ money to acquire and convert conventional land to organic, sustainable farmland. This alleviates the financial and logistical pressures that prevents many farmers from undertaking the conversion process. The potential for return is great. Farmland in general has returned 14.8% IRR since 1992, far outpacing the S&P, and the demand for organic food has grown 20% annually since 1990. Moreover, the gap between total acreage of farmland and total US population is narrowing. When you consider that one acre of farmland roughly feeds one person, the demand will surely be on the rise. Farmland LP is looking to raise up to $100 million, in minimum $50,000 investments, to acquire and convert these lands.

We very much appreciate Slow Money investors as our values are perfectly aligned.  If you aren’t aware of Slow Money, I encourage you to read more about it.  It is certainly an innovative approach towards transforming the food system.