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Farmland LP is a leading investment fund that generates returns by converting conventional commercial farmland to sustainable. Founded in 2009, we manage over 15,000 acres and more than $175 million in assets.

Our approach to acquiring and converting farmland relies on our unique operational expertise to enhance value in each of our farmland investments. We focus on generating competitive risk-adjusted returns while accruing benefits to stakeholders across the ecosystems in which we operate.

15,000+ acres of farmland

in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington


A better way to manage farmland

expertise in agriculture, soil biology, real estate, and farm management


10+ years investment track record

Vital Farmland Fund II open to new Investment



We’re proud to have been acknowledged as an industry leader by the following organizations:

Chinese kale growing on Straw in Vegetable garden.

Farmland LP is honored to be on the Certified B Corporation’s 2016 Best for the World list, which includes businesses that earned scores in the top 10 percent of more than 1,800 Certified B Corporations across all categories on the B Impact Assessment.

Each year, Fast Company’s recognizes the Most Innovative Companies that are transforming industries and shaping society. Farmland LP received this prestigious honor in 2014.

ImpactAssets annually identifies 50 experienced impact investment firms to help investors explore the landscape of potential investment options. Farmland LP is proud to have been recognized in 2015.


Meet the Leadership Team

Managing a sustainable farmland investment fund requires expertise ranging from business management to farm management, legal to livestock production, and finance to crop specialists.

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  • Fund Management Team
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507 Miller Avenue, Suite 3
Mill Valley, CA
Tel: 628.232.0542
Tel: 503.751.7025

Oregon Farm Headquarters

8930 Suver Road
Monmouth, OR

California Farm Headquarters

7305 West Howard Road
Stockton, CA

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