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Farmland LP is awarded the highest HIP Investor Rating amongst thousands of corporations


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#1 in Agricultural REITs
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Sunshine. Soil. Water.

This is what we’re looking at when we strategically acquire property.

We target U.S. farmland regions poised for long-term appreciation, with strong demand for locally grown, organic food, robust existing farming communities, and favorable long-term climate projections.

Our team leverages decades of combined experience to transform conventional commercial farmland into a more profitable regenerative landscape. Investors gain exposure to two markets: farmland and organic food.

Cashflow + Appreciation

= Returns

Historically non-correlated returns across investment cycles



Real assets and alternatives allocations offer inflation protection

$200+ million

in Assets

Across two funds with hundreds of investors


Converting to


Consumer demand for organic food is growing so fast that demand is outpacing supply. Becoming certified organic takes three years, posing an insurmountable challenge for most individual farmers. Our conversion plans meet growing demand for organic while balancing speed, soil quality, and revenue.

Investing in


We target properties poised to benefit from infrastructure improvements. We create value by updating irrigation systems, water rights, fencing, large farm equipment, and other assets.

Enhancements to technology, business management systems, and bulk buying improve long-term farmland profitability.


Increasing Crop


Diversified crops optimize land use and stay responsive to market demand. We replace commodity crops with specialty and permanent crops, like grapes and blueberries, that command higher prices. Long-term crop rotation plans increase soil fertility, productivity, and resilience.

Actively Managing


Disciplined management and years of combined experience drive our success. We combine expertise in business management, legal matters, and financial acumen with farm management, livestock production, and crop specialists to maximize the value of our assets over the long term.


Case Study - Willamette Valley, Oregon

Farmland LP purchased the Willamette Valley farmland in Oregon in June 2015. Our management began by reducing the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We rebuilt the soil with organic matter, removing CO2 from the air in the process. We improved irrigation systems, upgraded to state-of-the art farming equipment, and began using aerial imagery to inform decision making.

Three years after taking ownership, over half of the land is producing certified organic products. We increased revenue per acre by 18% in 2018 and 34% in 2019.


  • Green Beans
  • Winter Peas
  • Winter Squash
  • Sweet Corn
  • Ryegrass
  • Buckwheat
  • Crimson Clover


  • Pepermint
  • Tall Fescue
  • White Clover
  • Pasture


  • Blueberries
  • Hazelnuts
  • Wine Grapes
    • Pinot Noir
    • Pinot Gris
    • Chardonnay

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