First Annual California Stakeholder Appreciation Day

On a beautiful day on Saturday, May 31st, ninety investors, friends and farmer/rancher partners joined Farmland LP’s team members at the newly renovated historic home site on the Burns Farm property for Farmland LP’s annual Stakeholder Appreciation Day, the first of such events on our California farmland. Shuttle buses took guests on 45-minute tours of the perimeter of the 4,200 acre parcel of land. Farmland LP co-founders Jason Bradford and Craig Wichner took turns narrating the tours, with assistance from local rancher partners Frank Savage of Vitality Farms and John Cubiburu of Cubiburu Livestock.

For many of our investors specifically, this was the first visit to one of our farms. They openly shared their pride and satisfaction in being a part of Farmland LP after walking the land, a reaction for which we were grateful. There’s nothing like experiencing first-hand what sustainable agriculture looks, smells, and feels like! Nature’s capacity to produce healthy, abundant food just by stewarding the land well is simply amazing to witness.

This, in addition to financial returns, is even better says investor Adam Taggart of Peak Prosperity in a follow-up blog he wrote about the occasion: “Where there was once was a mono-crop operation completely dependent on fossil fertilizers and fuels, there now is rich soil full of restored micro-nutrients supporting a plethora of vegetables, grains, and animals. Investors get the opportunity to receive attractive annual returns on top of the appreciation of the underlying farmland — which their capital investment is improving the quality of — all while growing healthy food and creating a lot more jobs in the local community.” Please click here to read more from Adam.

After the tours, we feasted on grass-fed bounty from rancher partners Cattail Creek Lamb and BN Ranch in open-air tents adjacent to the fields. Roli Roti grilled the meat to perfection and provided tasty side dishes of local organic tomatoes, sweet corn and perfect potatoes. Sustainable farmland, tasty food, and new friends made it a great day.
Guest Nico van Dongen, partner of Barnraiser co-founder and guest Marie Sayles, documented the day with hundreds of photos, some of which he graciously shared with us. Please click here to see more.

Many thanks to the Farmland LP team for making the event possible and to the many investors, friends, partners and fans who showed up. It wouldn’t have been a party without you. If you didn’t make it this time, we look forward to seeing you at the next one. Stay tuned for details of our upcoming Oregon stakeholder shindig and farm tour in September.