Oregon Entrepreneur Showcase

Craig and I are looking forward to presenting at Slow Money Northwest‘s Oregon Entrepreneur Showcase on Friday, September 14th in Portland.  The event is open to accredited investors, who will get to hear from six …

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Flurry of Press Attention

The Oregon press has been busy covering Farmland LP over the past month. First, the Gazette Times of Corvallis and its sister paper in Albany put us on the front page  (Sunday above the fold even).  Photographer Amanda …

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Slow Money Northwest

We are glad to report that Slow Money Northwest is organizing an event in Portland, and that Farmland LP will be presenting. The date is April 11th and you must contact the organizers to register …

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Winter Farm Images

My mood has been elevated of late, probably because of the longer days, stronger sunbeams, and the obvious signs of spring, such as emerging flowers and leaf buds. So I thought now would be a …

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