• Converting Conventional Farmland
    to Organic, Sustainable Farmland

  • Converting Conventional Farmland
    to Organic, Sustainable Farmland

  • Converting Conventional Farmland
    to Organic, Sustainable Farmland

  • Converting Conventional Farmland
    to Organic, Sustainable Farmland

  • Farmland LP - One of "World's 50 Most Innovative Companies" by Fast Company

    What "cage free" means to us...

    Farmland LP acquires conventional farmland and converts it into certified Organic, sustainable farmland. Farmland LP is honored to be identified as one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. Farmland LP owns 9,700 acres of farmland in Northern California and Oregon.  Our funds give investors the opportunity to own high quality farmland, while our land management practices increase cash flow by using sustainable crop and livestock rotations.

    Investors in Farmland LP help provide Organic farmers and progressive ranchers with access to high quality, Organic, sustainable farmland and infrastructure to build their businesses to scale, focused on the crops or livestock they produce best.

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    • What People Say

      My life's work has been to change the way food is produced and animals are treated in our country. Through partnerships like the ones between Farmland LP and the farming and ranching communities we can restore a more sensible way of feeding people and help preserve our nation's most precious natural resources -- water and top soil. Farmland LP's stewardship of productive American farmlands is visionary and this sort of partnership is essential to safeguarding our food system for future generations. I'm proud to be a part of Farmland LP.

      Bill Niman, Advisor/Tenant, Founding Partner of BN Ranch
    • What People Say

      Neal and I had searched for several years to find a way to move our family from city life into farming. We had talked to banks, looked at properties, volunteered our services, but couldn't find a way to make it a viable possibility. Farmland LP provided us a way to make not only our dreams come true, but also allows us to be a part of an organization that has the capacity to actually make a difference in our modern food and agricultural system.

      Karen Wells, Poultry Farmer with Vitality Farms
  • Sustainable Agriculture is a Team Sport

    Founded in 2009, Farmland LP has attracted experts in sustainable agriculture, livestock, and real estate investment management.

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    • Advisors
    • Business Team
    • Farm Team
    Craig Wichner
    Managing Partner
    Julian Bailliet
    General Counsel
    Jason Bradford
    Managing Partner
    Mark Chedekel
    Director of Finance and Controller
    Mark Lambert
    Carol Anne Inceoglu
    Kirsten Hill
    Operations Manager
    Randy Struckmeier
    Rob Dietz
    Special Projects Manager
    Frank Savage
    Ranch Manager
    Bill Niman
    Advisor, Livestock
    Jim Zukin
    Advisor, Valuations
    John Neumeister
    Advisor, Sheep & Pasture
    Dr. Andrew A. Keller
    Advisor, Water Engineering
    Ali Partovi
    Advisor, Technology
    Spencer Beebe
    Advisor, Ecosystem Management
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      Farmland LP is pleased to announce its acquisition of over 6,000 acres of owned and leased farmland in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, a premier growing region in the U.S. with high quality soil, abundant water and an ideal growing climate. This is the second acquisition for our farmland REIT. The property expands Farmland LP’s holdings in […]Read More
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