Jason Bradford

  • Oregon Summer Images

    This is an especially nice summer in the Willamette Valley. The past three springs were wetter and cooler than average, making the summers feel very short.  By contrast, the weather has been fairly dry and warm without excessive heat since early June. Below are pictures from our farmland in Oregon, where I live and personally […]
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  • Oregon Farmland Tour Images

    We had a great time last weekend at our farms near Corvallis, OR.  Over 100 turned out for Saturday tours and dinner, and over 60 for Sunday tours and brunch.  Just wanted to thank everybody who put this event together (especially Karen Wells) and those of you who showed up.  We had neighboring farmers, buyers […]
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  • Spring 2013

    Here are some images from the past month on our farmland. California, Brentwood Creek Farm Representatives from BN Ranch, Swanson’s Lamb, Vitality Farms, PGG Seeds and Farmland LP talk about pasture and grazing.  The field we are standing on was sown last fall and has been grazed once so far this season. Heavy feeder lambs […]
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  • Organic Acreage Now 783; Pastured Laying Hen Operation also Certified

    Last week Oregon Tilth notified us that we successfully converted 783 acres of our Oregon farmland to Certified Organic farmland — an increase of 110 acres from 2012 (our first year).  In addition, another 107 acres are Certified Transitional Organic at Wattenpaugh Farm — a status conferred to land that is about one year away from being […]
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  • Featured in Oregon Business

    We had a nice visit about a month ago from April Streeter of the journal Oregon Business.  Now Farmland LP (and Vitality Farms) are featured in their May issue with an article titled “Farm Futures:  Private Equity Goes Organic.”  I am impressed by the quality of reporting here, which explains our story in concise prose […]
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