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  • Flurry of Press Attention

    The Oregon press has been busy covering Farmland LP over the past month. First, the Gazette Times of Corvallis and its sister paper in Albany put us on the front page  (Sunday above the fold even).  Photographer Amanda Cowan took some nice pictures, including the one below.  The writer Bennett Hall framed the story in a way that […]

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  • My Interview with Big Picture Agriculture

    This blog has been around for more than two years and I thought it might be good to bring back some old posts that are still relevant.  The one below appeared in Nov., 2010 on the blog Big Picture Agriculture and I’ve been given permission to re-post here.  Although some of the details have changed […]

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  • Water, Water Everywhere

    The rich soils in Oregon’s Willamette Valley are a gift from the Missoula Floods at the end of the last Ice Age.  Between 15,000 and 13,000 years ago as glacial ice sheets melted and retreated, the valley was flooded about 40 times–essentially becoming a temporary lake hundreds of feet deep, over and over again. For 13,000 years now, […]

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  • One Acre Feeds a Person

    With the holiday season behind us many are feeling the effects of eating a bit too much and are working on a New Year’s resolution to shed some pounds.  This reminds me of a question I have been asked numerous times, i.e., “How much land does it take to feed somebody for a year?”  To […]

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  • Ethics and Swine

    The restaurant company Chipotle gets it.  The current front page text on their web site goes: It is not just a burrito.  It’s a foil-wrapped, hand-crafted, local farm supporting, food culture changing cylinder of deliciousness.  Learn more about food with integrity. It is fantastic to see major buyers take “food with integrity” seriously.  Getting significant […]

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