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  • Seasons Changing at Farmland LP’s Oregon Farm

    The mood here in at our Oregon organic farm is slightly giddy as fresh shoots of grass and balmy afternoons make us all believers in spring.  It was an odd winter.  Mild with the exception of two extreme cold and snow events.  I’ll post several pictures below from Oregon farms from this past winter and […]

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  • Fall Image Update

    Fall brings us a lot to be thankful for.  We are fortunate to be doing the work of stewarding the land. Below I’ll share some of my experiences over the past few months as summer transitioned into fall. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the places that support our basic needs for food, fiber and clean […]

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  • Oregon Farmland Tour Images

    We had a great time last weekend at our farms near Corvallis, OR.  Over 100 turned out for Saturday tours and dinner, and over 60 for Sunday tours and brunch.  Just wanted to thank everybody who put this event together (especially Karen Wells) and those of you who showed up.  We had neighboring farmers, buyers […]

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  • Featured in Oregon Business

    We had a nice visit about a month ago from April Streeter of the journal Oregon Business.  Now Farmland LP (and Vitality Farms) are featured in their May issue with an article titled “Farm Futures:  Private Equity Goes Organic.”  I am impressed by the quality of reporting here, which explains our story in concise prose […]

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  • Farmland LP Converts 673 Acres to Certified Organic Farmland

    Congratulations to Jason and his team for successfully converting 673 acres of our farmland to Certified Organic farmland at two of our properties near Corvallis, OR.

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