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  • Wall Street Journal Interviews Farmland LP on 2014 Farm Bill

    Farmland LP was featured in the Wall Street Journal today about how the new Farm Bill, three years in the making, would benefit companies like ours. While the new bill still favors conventional agriculture overall, it has better-than-ever provisions for organic agriculture and signals an important and telling shift in public policy. How might that […]

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  • Organic Acreage Now 783; Pastured Laying Hen Operation also Certified

    Last week Oregon Tilth notified us that we successfully converted 783 acres of our Oregon farmland to Certified Organic farmland — an increase of 110 acres from 2012 (our first year).  In addition, another 107 acres are Certified Transitional Organic at Wattenpaugh Farm — a status conferred to land that is about one year away from being […]

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  • Financial Advisor article on Farmland LP: “Organic Growth”

    Financial Advisor magazine wrote: Farmland LP “is intriguing because it attempts to solve a host of problems at once—rising oil prices, people’s health, soil restoration and the lack of affordable land for many farmers. At the same time, he’s found a way to scale what had traditionally been a small-scale, diversified farm model into something that’s attractive to investors.”

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  • Methyl Iodide For Strawberries? Simply Not Needed

    I gave the following speech at a press conference yesterday at the California State Legislature regarding the rushed approval of methyl iodide, a new toxic fumigant proposed for use to sterilize soil prior to planting strawberries.  As background, John Froines, PhD, and chair of the California Scientific Review Committee that evaluated methyl iodide, at a 2010 Senate […]

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  • Food Subsidy Pyramid

    Great challenge over at Flowingdata to look at how to portray food subsidies in light of the USDA food pyramid. Here’s our quickie submission that helps highlight how subsidies just don’t reflect the stated food priorities and goals of the nation.

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